9+ Creative Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

9+ Creative Bathroom Toilet Games To Kill Your Bathroom Boredom

We all love our bathroom more than any other space in our whole house nowadays, and we like to spend hours over there. Sometimes the dump takes a while, and sometimes you are constipated, no matter what, once you sit down, you do not get up early. Am I right? When we are full of boredom and have nothing to do, then these nine washroom games are going to help.

Best Creative Bathroom Toilet Games

1. Sudoku Toilet Roll

Are you a Sudoku fan? Does your day not start without playing at least one game of it? This game is made for you then. You must be tired of counting tiles of your washroom or read your favorite magazine and want a kick.

Fairly Odd Novelties Sudoku Puzzle Game Roll Novelty Toilet Paper
  • A REAL BATHROOM BRAIN BOOSTER! - If you're tired of counting shower tiles or reading magazines, then it's time to give that brain a boost!
  • IF DUTY CALLS. . . - If you ever need toilet paper, this roll is fully functional. You probably couldn't do a few of the puzzles, though.
  • NO SMEARING HERE! - Image text is printed on every sheet so it won't smear, smudge, or spread. Do your worst!
  • DECORATE OR DESECRATE! - Whether using it as a decorative piece or for dirtier reasons, this novelty toilet paper makes a great addition to any bathroom!
  • A GIFT FOR GROSS MOMENTS! - Try not to think too much about how it'll be used while giving it away at your next birthday, white elephant, office, or secret Santa party!

What we have come across is a Sudoku on a toilet paper roll. The Sudoku puzzle is done on every sheet, and it does not smudge or spread. Sometimes you need your mind to come into action when taking those long dumps. This washroom game is the best for when you have to be in the washroom for long hours and want something fun and exciting.

2. Toilet Basketball

That is right, a basketball match with yourself. This washroom game is so much fun that people will start to wonder what is taking you so long in the toilet. The best part is that you can set this game anywhere you want, in your toilet, living room, office, etc

Barwench Games Toilet Fishing, Fishing Practice in The Bathroom with This Potty Pole (Basket Ball)
  • Toilet Basketball Set: With this basketball game set you can enjoy your time in the bathroom and outside. It's a perfect gift for someone who loves basketball.
  • Practical: Practice shooting with this basketball set while on the toilet, in the living room or at the office.
  • Hilarious Basketball Set - Use the basketball set for a dunking in the loo, in the bedroom, in the garage, out in the garden..
  • Ideal Gift Idea: Children and elders enjoy it equally. Buy it as a birthday gift, house warmer, Valentine's Day, Christmas present or any other occasion.
  • What's Included - 1 Felt Floor Court Mat, 1 Ball Dispenser With Suction Cup Attached, 1 Net & Backboard With Suction Cup Attached, 3 Mini Basketballs (Gift Box Packaged)

It comes with a felt floor court basketball mat, one ball dispenser with a suction cup attached to it, one net, one backboard with a suction cup attached, and three mini basketballs. Not only adults but kids will love it too and have their practice in the most fun way they can imagine.

3. Toilet Golf

Probably the most fun and easy washroom game that you can play is the potty putter golf game. It includes a golf putter, balls, and a stick to throw those balls in. It even helps the worst player become the best while practicing it daily. It has everything ready for you, and you don’t have to set the game, you just have to do a double-duty – play it and answer your nature’s call.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game
  • PUTT-Y TRAINING - Help even the crappiest golfer improve their putting game while pulling double duty and answering nature's call.
  • NO CADDY REQUIRED - This set includes everything needed to start playing, meaning you can give your caddy the day off.
  • HOLE IN ONE - If your short game needs work, then this is a must-have for your private time.
  • GO PRO - This game set is perfect for beginners or experts alike, and is to bring a smile to anyone's face.
  • PAR FOR THE COURSE - Like every offering from Fairly Odd Novelties, this is the perfect novelty / gag gift for Christmas, birthdays, or company / white elephant parties.

Your guests will keep on coming to your bathroom just for the sake of playing it. You can even gift your friend or partner this hilarious washroom game, so they don’t get bored. It is also great for your practice sessions before the big match.

4. Rope Deck Combo Game

This is merely not a game but a great exercise game for your bowels. This washroom game includes a sturdy, substantial wooden stake and baseboard, hand-made in England by English craftsmen, a rigid and well-made rope quoit also comes with it, it’s a push and pulls game just like how sailors used to do it, it takes care of your morning bowels. At the same time, you showcase your strength by pulling the rope

It is also available as a two-stake set. You can have your take on the traditional game of rope quoits or deck quoits. It is an excellent gift for all those guys and girls with a considerable amount of strength. You just have to sit there and play with the knots while your body takes on its course.

5. Dart Board Game

You wouldn’t exactly call this a washroom game, but it sure feels like one. Install this dart on your washroom wall and start making your aim to the main point. This washroom game includes a 16” dartboard, six magnetic darts, three each of 2 colors. You can even buy a few more darts refills to make your time in the washroom last long.

Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board - Easy to Hang, Fun to Play, Includes Board and 6 Unique Magnetic Darts
  • BULLSEYE: All the fun of classic darts without harm to pets, or people! Light, durable flights keep arrows flying straight & powerful magnets ensure that they stick to the board, every time!
  • FAMILY FUN FOR GAME NIGHT: Safety darts are perfect for children. Boys and girls will learn coordination and have fun while parents have no worries about the safety of kids or furniture.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN FOR TRADITIONAL DART GAMES: The board has all the same characteristics as the classic, right down to the faux cracks on the board, size, style & targets.
  • ACCURATE FLIGHT: Balanced neodymium magnet tips never need replacing & never lose their strength. The space age flights are virtually indestructible; darts will fly straight each time you throw.
  • DURABLE & STRONG FOR YEARS OF PLAY: 1- 16" Board, 6 - Safe Magnetic Darts (3 Each of 2 Colors). Perfect for a game room, dorm, kids play area or outdoor patio. Adults and kids ages 6 years and older.

The arrows are light and durable, which helps them to fly straight, and the magnets inside them make sure that they stick to the board. The magnets are safely enclosed inside the darts and the board so that it doesn’t have an impact on your wall. It is also a perfect washroom game for gifting.

6. Piano Toilet

This is by far the hilarious gift you can send to your friends. It’s musical and fun. Who is ready for a solo? Make your band while playing the piano and taking a dump. Get your vocal cords set while making this washroom game.

BigMouth Inc. Potty Piano –Song Book and Batteries Included –Hilarious Bathroom Entertainment, Makes a Great Gag Gift for All Ages
  • HILARIOUS POTTY PIANO: The BigMouth Inc. PottyPiano allows you to play a jingle while you take a tinkle. Got to take a #2? Who needs a magazine when you can learn a tune or two from the included song book.
  • EASY TO USE: This hilarious pottypiano fits around the base of your toilet and requires zero assembly. 3 button cell batteries are included and ready to use. Simply just turn on the piano and let your feet take it away!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The BigMouth Inc. Potty Piano is perfect for the “regular” musician in your family.It also makes an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, and just because.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The BigMouth Inc. PottyPiano is made of high-quality vinyl. It’s also easy to clean –just in case.
  • BIGMOUTH INC: We are the creative force behind an exclusive line of high-quality, fun, novelty items. Our specialty is an assortment of original, humorous products targeting practical jokers of all ages.

It fits perfectly around the base of your toilet and doesn’t require any assembly giving you the appropriate space to play the piano. It also includes three button cell batteries, simply put then and start tuning, and a songbook so that you can practice your songs for the final performance. BIGMOUTH INC sells it.

7. Football Toilet Game

Just like the Golf toilet game, this game calls out all the football fans out there. Raise your hand if you can play football anytime and anywhere. Yes, even in your washroom. Be careful, do not get addicted to this washroom game and spend all your day inside the toilet. This game comes with a football pitch mat, a putter, two balls and a net.

The mat measures about 72cm x 106cm and the plastic putter is 63.6cm x 9.8cm x 4cm. It is quite easy to assemble too. Careful, it is not suitable for young children as they might swallow something. It even comes with a Do Not Disturb sign for your unlimited fun. Score away your goals and your poop.

8. Toilet Fishing Game

Do you love fishing? If yes, then this game is made for you. It takes up a lot of patience and focuses, which means that you have plenty of your time to give it in the game and also improves your hand-eye coordination practice at the same time. Let your inner fisherman relax and enjoy the game.

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game - Fairly Odd Novelties - Funny Novelty Gag Joke Bathroom Gift
  • Great Gift for Friends or Family
  • Let your fisherman relax
  • Includes Mat, Fish, Rod, Bowl, Do Not Disturb Sign
  • Fun toilet game for the avid fisher

And your washroom is one place where you can be more focused than any other place, also less disturbance. Just like regular fishing, you put the bait on the hook for the fish and wait for it to catch it, and then you pull it out. The same is the game, and it is so much fun, even your kids can play it. It comes with a mat, rod, fishes, a do not disturb sign, and a bowl. So sit on your throne, relax, be patient, and enjoy this washroom game.

9. Hook and Ring Toilet Game

This is another washroom board game that you are going to love. Instead of darts, it has a thick, heavy-duty, smooth finish toss board with hooks, four-color rings of each color, 24 in total, and two replacement hooks. It is effortless to set up and comes in an attractive carry bag. It helps in improving eye-hand coordination and motor skills in an individual.

OLIVIA & AIDEN Ring Toss Indoor - Outdoor Game for Kids and Adults - 4 Players | Large 12" Toss Board | 4 Color Ring Set - Storage/Travel Bag | Full Family Game for Home, Yard, Poolside and Travel
  • MORE PLAYERS, MORE FUN – 4 Player ring toss game set. Upgraded 24 Piece set includes a beautifully finished large 12" toss board with 4 color rings to accommodate more players and easily track scores. Includes 2 replacement hooks.
  • SAFE FAMILY FRIENDLY GAME - Exciting toss game is a safer and more fun alternative to a sharp dartboard game. Great for both kids and adults. Play as a backyard party game, man cave game, and dorm room game. For indoor and outdoor use.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - This exciting, colorful hanging toss game is great as a gift for both children and adults alike. Great to bring along as a party gift that will be enjoyed by all for hours of addictive fun. Great for solo play or up to 4 players at a time.
  • AT HOME OR ON THE GO – This hanging ring toss board game is a unique, engaging and super-fun activity that is easy to set up. Included carry bag turns this into a great travel game allowing you to play almost anywhere.
  • ESSENTIAL SKILLS / EARLY DEVELOPMENT– Ring toss games help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for both adults and children, teaches number counting, and a fun way to build social skills.

Place the board on your wall and just sit on your throne while throwing away the hooks so that they land on the ring. Fun? Definitely! Not only are you going to enjoy your time, but you will also be the master of this game with continuous practice and determination. It can also be a perfect washroom game gift to give.


You do not have to get bored while taking your dump anymore. All you have to do is install these games, practice them, and be a master of them. Many of these games also help in improving your concentration, coordination, motor skills, etc. which is also essential. They are sure to kill your bathroom boredom and consume your time in the most fun way possible.

So why to wait any more, start buying these games and find an excuse to go to the washroom every time. They are also utterly hilarious to gift to your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone you feel gifting it like. They will laugh out loud while opening the present but will be thankful when they start using it.

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