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9+ Unique and Coolest USB Flash Drives for the Geek in your Life

9+ Unique and Coolest USB Flash Drives for the Geek in your Life

We are sure most of you have at least heard (if not used) about USB flash drives. They are super common and used by everyone nowadays. For those who don’t know what they are, USB devices are most known for storing and transferring digital media or data from one device to another. It is for obvious reasons more advanced and better than CDs and Floppy disks. Gone are the days that it used to be a luxury.

USB flash drives are small in size, making them handy, and they can store a large number of photos and videos. The idea of embracing who you are and reflecting your style in things that you use is highly prevalent in today’s generation. Maybe that’s why devices and products are no longer just products, and they are now style statements. Every day things are made creative and are a subject of interest; they no longer look boring.

These devices are the necessity of today’s world; they are required at home, offices, studios, classrooms, restaurants, and so on. And we have a goal of making your mundane things more relaxed and more creative, that is the goal of this article. By making sure you have a unique flash drive that makes your day every time you look at it.

People all over the world are showing their creativity in making super unique USB Flash drives. There is a variety of ranges available in the market for all kinds of people, from Quirky to Elegant and Classy. Here we have compiled a list of the most relaxed USB flash drives, and we have tried to keep a variety of range just to highlight your very own unique style.

Here is 9+ Unique and Coolest USB Flash drives for the Geek in your Life

1. Metal Revolver Flash Drive

Finding the right gift for some people can be difficult, especially for men. Well, here is a design of a USB with a perfect metallic finish revolver exterior, it’s like a practical baby of two cool things most geeks love. It’s a great choice to gift friends or family members who are into guns and gaming.

32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Cool Metal Revolver Gun Shape Pen Drive Pistol Thumb Drive Memory Stick U Disk Gift
  • Fashion,full metallic design. Small size(2.83*0.59*2.04 inch),light weight(2.5 oz) and pocket-sized for easy to keep important files handy,good choice for using or as gifts for friends and families
  • Easy to Use - Just plug and play with no complex operations. You can store, transfer and share content whenever and wherever you need with the thumb drive
  • Cool metal USB Stick with key ring design,easily attached to your keychain, briefcases or badge holders.High speed USB 2.0 interface and compatible with USB 1.1;Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/ME/2000/ Mac OS X / Linux 2.6x and more
  • A class flash chip and high quality metal casing ensures its Dustproof/ Anti-static/ Anti-magnetic / High Temperature Resistant
  • Offer One year warranty

It is metallic and yet lightweight. It has a memory storage capacity of 32 GB, with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface compatible with most operating systems. It’s such a fresh and unique way to keep your files handy. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

2. PS4 Gamepad Flash Drive

No one is more particular and selective about computer-related things than a gamer. And here is the coolest and also cutest drive design to choose for gamers and any geeks for that matter. It comes with a memory storage capacity of 16 GB.

Flash Drive 16GB USB 2.0 Thumb Drive - Novelty Memory Stick 16 GB and Cool Gamepad Pen Drive - FEBNISCTE Jump Drive for Family Friends Colleague Employee
  • Compatibility - 16GB Memory stick is USB 2.0 Interface and compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT Linux and Mac OS,etc. Also compatible to some digital device with a usb 2.0 port, such as audio equipment.
  • Confidence - Focus on providing you with secure and portable storage devices. Suitable for digital data storing, transferring and sharing in school / family, to friends,to wedding, to clients, to machines. Apply to data storage of music, photos, movies, designs, manuals, programmes, handouts etc.
  • Creative - Lovely game controller design pen drive, made of soft Silicone material. The fun and cute shape makes it easily distinguishable from everyone else's usb stick. The creative characters makes atmosphere a happier environment!
  • Idealism - Pendrive is a perfect presents for Mom, Dad, Child, Friend, Classmates on Mother's day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Birthday Day, Christmas Day, New Year and Various Festivals.
  • The funny usb stick can enhances enhance the relationship between parents and children, relationship between Family and Family, friendship between classmates or good friends.

The flash drive is USB 2.0 Interface and compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT Linux and Mac OS, etc. Also compatible with some digital devices with a USB 2.0 port, such as audio equipment. The material used is soft silicone. With the online class and technology taking over, even children need flash drives, and this one right here can be an excellent gift for children.

3. The Collapsible Robotic Panther USB 2.0 Interface Drives

If you are someone always on the run to collecting things that you can fidget with or know someone is fidget head, this one is the one. With this new USB drive, file storage becomes fun too. A unique design of Flash drive that can be transformed into a robotic panther. It can be the perfect self-gift for the Geek in you.

16GB USB3.0 Flash Drives with Foldable Creative Thumb Drives for Transformer Robot Dog Gifts
  • Transformer Robot Dog USB3.0 16GB High Speed: Speed read 80~90MB/S Speed write 40~45MB/S
  • Some of the listed capacity on a flash storage device is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage. As such, the actual available capacity for 16GB is 14.82GB(about 91~96%) for data storage is less than what is listed on the products
  • Plug and use: No need to install any software, just simple plug into the USB port of computer or other devices and use it! The USB Flash Drive is compitable with Windows 98second edition/NT/ME/2000/XP/7/8.1/10 and above, it also compatible with Linux and Mac OS 10.3 and above
  • Interface: USB3.0, backward compatible with USB2.0 & 1.1 hosts. Fast Data transmission speed, suitable for storing digital data for school, business or daily usage. The digital data includes music, video, photos, movies, manuals, softwares,etc
  • Recommended Format: NTFS!Then you can transfer files larger than 4 GB

It is innovative and of good quality. It also includes a one-year guarantee. USB interface 3.0, compatible with most operating systems at a fantastic speed. It offers a memory storage capacity of 16 GB. The dimensions of the products are 3.15 x 1.57 x 0.67 inches, fits right into your pocket.

4. Iron Man USB 2.0 Flash Drive

We all either know at least one person who is crazy about Avengers, or we are that person or, in some cases, both. Either way, this is one of the most “lit” flash drives, I mean really with the bright eyes. Geeks love such USBs, and geeky is the new cool anyway. All marvel fans favorite Avengers iron man-machine mask as a flash drive with LED light eyes, if they have seen this, they already have it or in their wish list.

MOJO Iron Man USB 2.0 Flash Drive (32GB)
  • Flash drive comes in the shape of Iron Man. Eyes light up when you plug it in
  • Backup, Copy, or Transfer your files with this cool, convenient thumb flash drive
  • Store your data safely and in style.
  • Plug and Play - no drivers needed! Ready to use immediately.
  • MOJO LLC offers an exclusive manufacturers warranty for 60 days with this flash drive. This warranty is exclusive to sales through MOJO only. Purchases made from unauthorized resellers are not eligible for this warranty.

This product is available with a memory storage capacity of 32 GB and can be found in other storage capacities as well. USB 2.0, hardware interface. This product can be used at home, in your office, or even in classrooms. You will get to see owning things that you love and are unique can be great conversation starters.

5. Glass Drift Bottle Flash Drive

This is potentially the cutest gift one can give, just scribble down some cute little messages and doodle whatever you wish to on a piece of paper that fits in and put it inside before giving. The personalized touch is making it even more adorable than it already is. Or you can even just pamper yourself by getting this for yourself, use it the way it is which looks sweet too.

Thumb Drive 64GB Flash Drive Gift Bottle USB 2.0 Stick, Kepmem Glass Cover Jump Drive Cork Memory Sticks 64 GB, Cute Pendrive Cool Jar Zip Drive for Data Storage
  • Specifications: Including novelty USB 2.0 flash drive 64GB in glass drift bottle shape. Shape of pig, key, fish, tiger, chick,elephant, bottle, cork, wrench and so on for you to choose. Stylish storage and decor gift.
  • Valid Usage: Glass pen drive is suitable for digital data storage, transferring and sharing. Plug and play, no require for installing a driver. Keep your files safety, record memories of your time.
  • Universal Drives: 64GB thumb drive can be used in computer, TV, speaker, computer, notebook, car audio and other USB devices. Support Windows 7/8/10,Windows Vista,Windows 2000,Mac OS X, Linux,etc. Save data of MP3, MP4, RMVB, EXCEL, WORD, PDF and other files.
  • Friendly Design: USB stick with funny glass cover to protect USB connector. Portable, small and lightweight. Safety and easy carrying. Storage files, then put it on desk as decoration.
  • Default usb drive format is FAT32 system. If you need to store files larger than 4GB, we recommended to reformat the flash drive to NTFS system. Please format it in the first time.

File storage never looked prettier on a desk. Or you can take a chance to use this window to be creative. Like craft or miniature origami, anything can be done imagination is the limit. Its available with various interfaces, USB 1.0,USB 1.1, USB 2.0. It has a memory storage capacity of 64 GB.

6. Multi-Function USB Flash Drive

The fascination with multi-purpose things has increased over time, and it is almost like one thing isn’t good anymore. Maybe that’s why everything is adapted and designed in a way to meet this fascination. But for something as small as a memory stick to be multifunctional is very creative, which is why this one has made it to this list of unique Flash drives.

TEAMGROUP T183 64GB USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1/3.0) Metal Magnetic Multi-Functional USB Flash Thumb Drive, External Data Storage Memory Stick Compatible with Computer/Laptop (Nickel Black) TT183364GF01
  • Multifunctional and practical design
  • Environmentally safe materials
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.0/3.1) transfer interface
  • Supports hot swap
  • Lifetime warranty. Free Technical Support and Customer Service on TEAMGROUP official website.

USB 3.0, hardware interface with super speed. Read speed up to 90MB per second. It is a bottle opener, mini ruler, a keychain that can cut through a carton tape. Its magnetic, reliable, and durable. It is also waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and corrosion-resistant. It comes with a lifetime warranty and free technical support, considering the minimal need for a USB.

7. Coca-Cola can USB 3.0 Flash Drive

To all those who love Coca-Cola so much that their meal is incomplete without the presence of this drink, go crazy with this miniature version of it, which can store your files. It can be a great gift too, for children or even adults. It comes with a loop so that you can attach this to a keychain to not lose it away, which happens to be a significant problem when it comes to flash drives.

MOJO Coca Cola Coke Can USB 3.0 Flash Drive (32GB)
  • Flash drive comes in the shape of a mini Coca Cola can with keychain loop
  • Backup, Copy, or Transfer your files with this cool, convenient thumb flash drive
  • Store your data safely and in style in your pocket or on a keychain
  • Plug and Play - no drivers needed! Ready to use immediately.
  • MOJO LLC offers an exclusive manufacturers warranty for 60 days with this flash drive. This warranty is exclusive to sales through MOJO only. Purchases made from unauthorized resellers are not eligible for this warranty.

The memory storage capacity of this unique flash drive is 32 GB, but it also available in 64 GB and 128 GB. It transfers data at fast speed and works with any computer and almost all operating systems.

8. Apple-friendly USB Flash Drive

This one is a particular utility-based unique flash drive for apple users, all the products in this list are apple friendly, but this one is the easiest to use and also works well for our other users. But it does require the user of the product to download and install an app for the best efficiency. The design is sleek and elegant to match a corporate office look, but can be used in homes, home offices, studios, and classrooms.

This product has a memory storage capacity of 128 GB and offers a great reading speed too. A great product to expand the storage capacity of your devices. It is compatible with iPhone 5s /6 / 7 /8 /S / Plus/ X/ XR/ Xs Max and iOS8 and above system. The device can directly plug into the lightning port and USB port for fast performance. It can prove to be a great gift for an iOS user.

Note – Digital Rights Management protected music and video files from iTunes and son on cannot be transferred.

9. Wedding White 2.0 USB Flash Drive

A fantastic wedding or anniversary gift for a couple you know or your life partner, or just someday when you want to make a romantic gesture. Put photos, videos, or an occasion you or the person you give the gift to cherishes, nothing sweeter than memories and something this adorable to store it in.

Wedding White 2.0 USB Flash Drive - Inserted into a Engraved Matching Box with Raffia Grass Inside. Laser Engraved Our Story Script Design! (8GB)
  • High Quality Samsung Grade Chipset
  • High Grade UDP 1 piece chipsets for FASTER read / write speeds
  • Shock resistant and water proof Chipset
  • USA Company Based in the Midwest Servicing Clients Everyday
  • Unique Artistic Design

The drive is laser etched, Mr & Mrs. The best part is the packaging, and it comes is an equally gorgeous and elegant wooden box that has “Our Story” laser engraved on it, and raffia grass filled inside. The high-quality product is available in varied memory storage capacities, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. A unique artistic design with a USB 2.0 hardware interface. Compatible with all computer and operating systems at good reading speed.

10. The One for who Love Vintage, Flash Drive

At first sight, no one can figure out it is a unique flash drive. I would not be wrong to say that this is one of the most beautiful products on our list because it lights up to stand out when connected, and the texture of copper makes it super aesthetic. If you love to collect antiques and vintage items, you might just fall in love with this one, and it’s the product to make you stand out from the crowd.

Handmade 32GB Red Pentode Radio Tube USB Flash Drive. Steampunk/Industrial style ####### (Tags: Stick Thumb Pen Key Drive Storage Memory Disk. Metal Handwork Handcraft Exclusive Unique Best Cool Great Retro Vintage Gadget Device. Idea for Christmas New Year Birthday Present Gift. For Geek Man Him Dad Boy Teen. For Computer Tablet PC Notebook Laptop Mac)
  • This piece contains High Quality USB Flash Drive.
  • Electron tube was made in USSR in 1981.
  • Supported Standard: USB 1.0, USB 1.1, USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 interface compatible).
  • Work with : WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Smart TV...
  • Made in Latvia(EU). Shipping to US: 10-15 days.

Industrial modified USB flash drive featuring real copper with a great texture resulted in the oxidation. It is available in various colors online as well. What can be more refreshing than a steampunk with an electron tube from USSR made somewhere around 1981? It comes in different memory storage capacities, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB. Support up to USB 3.0 and compatible with most computers and operating systems.

Looking for a Christmas gift or a birthday, for a child or an adult, this can be an excellent gift for someone who is a crazy fan of vintage items. It looks great no matter the surrounding, may it be in a bedroom for educational purposes or in a high-end office.

11. Classic Mixtape Cassette USB

For all those kids crazy about music and retros, so I guess everyone here is an authentic cassette design. Trends come and go, but classic always remains the best, like one of those quotes by Iman. Each tape label is blank for you to write your personalized something. It is an excellent choice for yourself and even a thoughtful gift.

(4GB) USB Mixtape, Retro, Quirky Gift, Cool, Cute, Love, Present, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Office, Novelty, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines, for Her, Gifts for Him
  • UNIQUE and ORIGINAL gift: This is an authentic USB Mixtape using a REAL TAPE CASSETTE.
  • Blank USB Mixtape in a range of sizes 4GB/8GB/16GB
  • Share photos, videos and memories, with this perfect gift in a classic retro style.
  • Quirky Retro Label Design with Cute Giftbox.
  • Great for special occasions Valentines, Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

A mixtape of the 21st century, the product comes in a range of memory storage capacity sizes 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB. The Package dimensions are 5 * 3.8 * 0.6 inches, weighs about 1.58 ounces. The manufacturing company assures a high-quality product. It is compatible with most computers and The operating system efficiently.

Final Thoughts

With this, we conclude our list of the Coolest USB flash drives.

The list can go on in on with so many creative and unique designs available in the market. You can find most of your favorite things in miniature versions in soft silicone. Whether you are looking for a gift for a special occasion or just to create an ordinary moment into a special moment, a Flash Drive is an excellent gift for anyone and everyone.

Not just because everyone needs one now but because to give someone a little something to store their memories is a grand gesture in itself, or these drives can be personalized by giving it filled with a compilation of photos, songs, videos or a slideshow. Endless possibilities to be creative it can be a digital painting or old text screenshots or just some memes to laugh at.

No matter the occasion, it can be for an old couple celebrating their anniversary, or newlyweds or a best friend’s birthday, or with a whole series for someone to binge-watch after a breakup. You can just buy something for yourself for utility reasons, or because you saw something quirky and you liked it or just caused you to want to gift yourself something, self-love, you know?

We assure you these are some of the most refreshing and unique Flash drives in the market.

Happy buying!

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