Joining our RCIA Program

We welcome anyone to our RCIA Program.

Meetings of our RCIA Program

When: Our new sessions start each September on a Wednesday evening (and on succeeding Wednesdays) at 7:00--9:00 PM
Where: Holy Name Parish (Parish Room, Church basement), 71 Gough Ave., Toronto (Pape Avenue and Danforth Avenue)

How Can You Join Our RCIA Program? For information about joining our RCIA program, please contact our Parish Office (416-466-8281; [email protected] ), or our Pastor (Father Andrew Morasse C.S.C.), or our lay parish worker (Mrs. Carol Soloman). 

Who Can Join Our RCIA Program? Our RCIA Program is intended for two groups of people:

  1. For those who have never been baptized, but who are interested in the learning more about the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. For those who have been baptized (and may confirmed) in a Christian church that is not Catholic. These people would NOT be re-baptized (or re-confirmed); they would, however, experience the rite of being received into full communion with the Catholic Church

We welcome all hose who are interested in learning about, or joining, our faith community. Attending our RCIA program does not imply that you are initially committed to joining our faith community.

It is our expectation that, as a result of participation in our RCIA program, you will come to a better understanding of our faith community and what it has to offer you in your spiritual journey. This may, of may not, lead to your wanting to join our community as a member of the Roman Catholic Church.


What are the benefits of Participating in our RCIA Program?  We believe that there are several benefits to participating in our RCIA Program:

  1. You will be able to explore your own journey of faith, where you are at present, where you want to go, and how you might get there.

  2. You will have an opportunity to learn about the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church and our faith community

  3. You will be able to confront misunderstandings related to the Catholic Church

  4. You will come to a better understanding than many Catholics regarding what the Church really teaches and requires of its members

  5. Through the (down to earth) witness provided by our RCIA facilitators and other participants, you will come to a fuller appreciation of the potential contribution of faith in your daily life