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10 Insanely Epic Sushi and Sashimi Knives Reviews 2021

The Best Sushi and Sashimi Knives 2020: 10 Insanely Epic Reviews

Have you ever wondered what is so special about Japanese Sushi or sashimis that you need an extra knife in your kitchen for their preparation? The primary difference between a sashimi and sushi knife is that in the case of sushis, you need first to cut the fish and the vegetables and then the roll made from it.

But in the case of sashimi, you need to slice the fish finely. But the common thing about both these dishes is that you need an extremely sharp knife for their preparation.

There must be extreme perfection in slicing and chopping the raw veggies and fish to prepare these traditional Japanese dishes. Another unique quality of these knives is in the design of the handle. The handle must extremely slip-resistant and ensure a steady grip.

This is because the preparation of Sushi or sashimi requires long hours of slicing and filleting tasks for absolute perfection. If the knife is not stable enough, chances are you will injure your hand or ruin the dish. Let us look at the reviews of the top ten sushi and sashimi knife. 

Best Sushi and Sashimi Knives Reviewed

1. Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife

Want the salmon fish slices for your sashimi to be paper-thin? This sashimi, as well as a sushi knife,, is composed of the best quality German Steel and high carbon content, which adds to its extra durability.

Mercer Culinary Sashimi Asian_Collection_Knife, 12 Inch Yanagi, Wooden Handle
  • Razor sharp, high-carbon, stain-resistant German steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration
  • Single-edge blade is taper ground with a fine stone finish
  • Offered with a traditional wood handle
  • Hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care

This traditional, 12” single-edged blade is as sharp as a razor and can cut perfectly thin slices for your sashimi. One of the blades is at an angle of 15 degrees and the other at six degrees, which means it can produce various cuts from a lot of different angles.

It has been processed with a fluorine coating, which gives it a cutting edge, and the handle of the knife features a black slip-Monaca so that the balance is exceptional.  


  • It has an NSF –certified Santoprene handle, which will prevent the knife from slipping off your hands. Thus, this knife is safe for use.
  • The German Stainless Steel will not allow rust to form on the blade and the blade shape makes it a perfect fish-cutter and a quality western slicer.


  • Are you just a beginner in the kitchen? Then the single-edge blade can be slightly tricky for you to handle.
  • You cannot conveniently wash this knife in a dishwasher. You need to carefully hand-soak it in chlorine-free water.

2. Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Home Yanibaga Sashimi Knife

Yoshiro is a world-class hand-made knife manufacturer that has been building trust for years. Have you newly entered the kitchen to try your hands on some Sashimi? Then, this is the one for you. The 8.3-inch-long blade is composed of premium quality Yasuki Hi-Carbon steel.

Yoshihiro Yasuki Yellow Steel,KASUMI Japanese Home Yanagiba(Sashimi) Knife (300 mm/11.8")
  • Truly genuine from Yoshihiro Japan(official brand name as Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro in Sakai, Osaka/Japan)
  • Yoshihiro's KASUMI Home-use Yanagiba(Sashmi Knife) model
  • Blade Material based on Yasuki Yellow Steel
  • D-shaped Japanese Magnolia Wood Handle with Plastic Resin Bolster
  • Blade Length:300 mm/11.8"

Preparing sashimi requires you to be a perfectionist when it comes to slicing. This full-tang sushi knife blade and ergonomic handle made from magnolia wood will ensure fine slices. The best part about its elegant thin blade is that it can cut lengthy, uninterrupted strokes on raw food, making it more refined.

The blade allows cutting food without absolutely any damage to its cells and texture. This automatically enhances the taste of your sashimi.


  • The knife has a plastic resin bolster that makes it tough and long-lasting. Also, the D-shaped handle makes it slip-resistant.
  • This knife comes in a variety of sizes and is budget-friendly with a limited lifetime warranty period.


  • These traditional Japanese knives need a lot of care and attention to maintain the same quality. You must keep it dry and apply oil to prevent oxidation.
  • You must regularly sharp and hone the knife with water whetstones.

3. Cangshan J Series Sushi Knife

Want your knife to be the perfect blend of beauty and resilience? This impressive, hand-crafted high-carbon steel blade inspired by Japanese VG-10 Damascus is the perfect choice for your sashimi preparation.

Cangshan J Series 62762 X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife With Walnut Sheath, 8-Inch
  • Hand crafted knives Forged from 67 Layers of special formula Cangshan X-7 Damascus Steel for incredible durability, stain resistance and exceptional edge retention. 2017 Red Dot Design Award Winner, IDEA Award Finalist, 2018 German Design Award Winner. USPTO Patented Design.
  • Each blade goes through an (ultra6) stage heat treatment ensuring every blade maintains it's strength and function. Hand sharpened to a 16-degree angle per side.
  • Well balanced 5.5" handle and 8" blade with HRC 60 +/- 2 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. Includes a fitted dark Walnut wood magnetic Saya style sheath to protect the knife blade. Handcrafted by skilled bladesmiths, each precisely balanced knife pairs exceptional performance with timeless design.
  • Strong magnets are embedded into the edge of the Saya sheath to hold onto the spine of the knife. A innovative and stylish way to protect your blades and fingers.
  • NSF International Certified. Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Wash knives with warm water and a little detergent, rinse carefully and dry with a towel.

Your wish for a blade that stays sharp life-long has been fulfilled since it undergoes special ULTRA 6 heat treatment and ice-hardening. The knife handle made from rare African Blackwood and Dark Walnut sheath looks stunning. The knife is well balanced and comes in a super sleek packaging which will be loved by any food enthusiast.


  • The blade is sharp and can swiftly cut through vegetables, meat, and fish.
  • It does not matter even if you are trying to prepare sashimi rolls for the first time. This knife will cut through without crushing it.


  • It hardly weighs 1.4 pounds, which makes it easy to handle but can make it unstable.
  • It has only a limited warranty period and cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

4. Seto Damascus Forged Steel Sushi knife

If aesthetics and style were to hit the right balance with utility, this knife would be born. Though designed by traditional master knife-craftsmen, it is still applicable to the modern kitchens of today.

This premium VJ10 stainless steel core coated with 33 layers of Damascus steel is exceptionally sharp and has only a single edge that makes precise cuts. It is a unique blade and gorgeous handle design that gives it an elegant look.

SETO Japanese Chef Knives: Damascus Forged Steel from World Famous Seki, Japan (I-0: 73m/ m: PARING Knife)
  • Handmade in Seki, Japan!!! Quality blades of Forged Steel!!!!
  • Produced by Mr. Yoshinori knife Seto YOSHI knife representative is a member of the (USA) THE KNIVES MAKER'S GUILD
  • union custom knife is a testament to the world's largest manufacturer
  • of kitchen knives and reliable technology Jihei Iseya (Producer Yoshinori Mr. Seto).Goodness of sharpness,
  • but it is a matter of course, the beauty of the finish is excellent.

The ergonomic grip decorated with acrylic will ensure that your hands do not fatigue even after long hours of cutting. Each blade is specially sharpened at 15 degrees for a superior cut. You will love the expert craftsmanship and flexibility of the blade.


  • The packaging is gorgeous, and it has a D-shaped handle made of red sandalwood with a plywood bolster.
  • It is one of the best choices for both professional as well as hobbyist cooks.


  • The design and aesthetics might not feel contemporary.

5. Kai 6715D Wasabi Black Deba Knife

If you are looking for the perfect all-purpose sushi knife that can cut your filet and meat sharp, this knife is your savior.

This ultra-sharp, 6-inch blade composed of superior Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel can swiftly cut through delicate fish pieces and can be used for mincing of herbs for detailed garnishing; The Kai’s craftsmen has designed the single-edged bevel with an attractive brushed bead-blasted finish to give it an authentic Japanese look. The unique design is ideal for juliennes without destroying their fragile membranes.

Kai Wasabi Black Deba Knife, 6-Inch
  • 6" Japanese Deba knife for ultra-thin slices that require a delicate touch; slices can be thin without destroying delicate membranes
  • Blade constructed of daido 1k6 high-carbon, stainless steel; bead-blasted to an attractive finished
  • Features traditional Japanese single-bevel blade design as well as double-bevel European shapes
  • D-shaped ergonomically designed PAKKAWOOD resin-impregnated hardwood handles
  • Hand wash and Dry; Limited Lifetime ; made in Japan


  • It has an ergonomic handle composed of pakkawood that looks and feels the same as hardwood but is water-resistant, which ensures a tight grip even when wet.
  • The blade is pre-sharpened and has a shiny silver bolster against its brushed surface, which, along with the black handle, gives it a classy, elegant look.


  • The place where you hold the knife while slicing is a little crude and sharp, causing discomfort if used for a long time.
  • This razor-sharp-edged knife does not have a sheath, making it a little unsafe thing to keep in the kitchen.

6. Pokalee Santoku Kitchen Knife Japanese Knife

Do you want a super sharp knife that can be used for various everyday cutting and chopping purposes in the kitchen? This ultra-sharp knife can be correctly used for everyday fruits and vegetable cutting tasks.

You can also finely chop herbs and mince thin slices of fish for your Sushi and Sashimi. It has been crafted from premium-quality German-grade steel, which helps it to be rust-resistant for a longer period.

POKALEE Santoku Kitchen Knife Japanese Sushi Knife 7 Inch, Hollow Edge Forged Blade German HC Stainless Steel Chef Knife for Home and Restaurant
  • Multi-function Santoku Kitchen Knife - POKALEE professional 7’’ Santoku knife can handle your daily kitchen tasks of chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing of fruits, vegetables and meat. It is the all-around cooking knife, ideal for any home or professional kitchen cook
  • Razor Sharp Edge - The knife blade is made of high carbon German stainless steel at 58 Rockwell Hardness with a hand polished edge at 15 degrees per side. Expertly crafted with a tapered stainless steel edge that cuts with ease and efficiency
  • German High Carbon Stainless Steel - German stainless steel contains a certain amount of chromium which could maintain a good brightness and avoid being corroded even after using for a long time and enables this chef’s knife rust, corrosion and stain resistant , quickly sharpen and clean
  • Easy Handling - Protective bolster and triple rivets reinforce non-slip handle(even when wet), offers a secure and comfortable grip, full tang and perfect balance provide robustness and total control
  • 100% Satisfaction and Lifetime Warranty - POKALEE provides lifetime money back guarantee and 24-hour customer support. Contact us if you have any query before or after you receive the knife

The blade is as sharp as a razor and measures 58 on the Rockwell Sharpness Blade and is an excellent choice for your Sushi Knife Collection. It does not matter whether you want to dice your fruits or mince the meat. The hand-polished super sharp edge can do it all.


  • The handle is slip-resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for your everyday fast chopping tasks.
  • The design is exceptionally lightweight, which makes it easy to handle.


  • A lot of maintenance must be done to retain the quality of German steel.
  • This knife cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

7. Tatara Santoku Sashimi Sushi Knife

This knife is the most premium blend of hardness and flexibility you will ever find. It features a VG10 stainless steel blade with 67 layers of Damascus. This not only makes it incredibly sharp and the choice for cutting through your sushi and sashimi roll but also durable.

TATARA | Santoku Knife - 7 inch Japanese Sushi Knife for Chefs | VG10 Damascus | Perfect For Sushi, Vegetable, Meat Cutting | Comes With Wooden Case
  • Ultra sharp VG10 Japanese santoku knife 7 inch blade with 67 Damascus layers and a core of 62+ Rockwell Hardness gives you premium performance and resistance while being effortless to maintain.
  • Tatara's 8-12° degree cutting edge empowers you to create even delicate, delicious food with laser precision. Full tang, triple riveted and nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness and flexibility.
  • Ergonomic military grade G-10 handle gives you excellent grip in all conditions along with superior agility and comfort for discerning chefs. The non-stick Granton edge makes for a perfect Japanese sushi knife. Please note that all materials and steel are sourced in Japan but final assembly is completed in China, using Japanese methods, to bring you a high quality product at a much more affordable price.
  • Nestled inside the sleek wooden gift case, this mirror finished santoku can take pride of place in your kitchen and makes a perfect gift.
  • Inlcudes a FREE polishing cloth and the Tatara 1 Year Money Back Guarantee. Try it risk free for a sharper cut worthy of a samurai or your money back. Click Add to Cart and Buy Now!

One interesting fact about this knife is that it is nitrogen cooled. Do you know how this helps? An unbelievably sharp beveled edge is created that can cut fragile, paper-thin slices and has an ultimate resistance to corrosion.

It also has a full tang blade attached to the handle with the help of three long-lasting rivets. This makes the knife extra stable. 

It has a sleek, black handle that looks stunning against the steel body of the knife. The design of the handle is ergonomic, and the surface has a texture that gives you greater control while slicing and chopping.


  • The knife has a Granton edge that gives the best precision while slicing and cutting raw fish for your sushi and sashimi rolls and keeps it from sticking on the knife.
  • It has a G-10 military handle, which ensures the best grip when you are cutting or filleting. Also, the packaging in a black pinewood box enclosed in red velvet looks extravagant. You will be provided with a polishing cloth to keep it as shiny forever.


  • This knife is not a traditional and authentic Japanese knife since it has been manufactured in India.
  • It comes only with a one-year guarantee.

8. Enso Nakiri Sushi Sashimi Knife

The Enso Nakiri sushi knife is a superior combination of traditional designs and art and modern craftsmanship and techniques.

The blade is composed of VG-10 stainless steel and Damascus coated to give it a unique look. The razor-sharp blade has a unique finish and fantastic edge retention. The knife has a full tang, which gives it excellent stability and balance.

Enso Nakiri Knife - Made in Japan - HD Series - VG10 Hammered Damascus Japanese Stainless Steel - 6.5"
  • Japanese Nakiri Vegetable Knife crafted of VG10 stainless steel cutting core for excellent edge retention; 6.5 inch blade (12 inches overall); Weighs 8.2 ounces (232 grams)
  • 37-layer stainless Damascus blades with hammered (tsuchime) finish; Rockwell Hardness 61
  • 12 degree double bevel edge for both right and left-handed use
  • Black canvas micarta symmetrical oval shaped handle for a similar look and feel to wood without the worry of cracking
  • Handcrafted in Seki City, Japan with a lifetime warranty

The handle is composed of Micarta, which is resistant to extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. This makes the handle long-lasting. The entire knife has a very authentic, traditional look that adds to its beauty.


  • It has a double bevel, which means both left-handed and right-handed persons can use it comfortably.
  • The knife has a lifetime warranty period on it.


  • The knife does not come with a sheath.

9. Traditional Japanese Professional Gyuto Kitchen Chef’s knife

Want your sushi and sashimi dishes to be exactly like the one you watch in your youtube videos? This 8-inch blade has been forged with a classical Japanese technique that gives it superior toughness and edge retention.

Traditional Japanese Professional Gyuto Kitchen Chefs Knife – Premium 8-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Gyuto Sushi Knife with High Corrosion Resistance in a Single Bevel Chisel Edge Grind
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Our 420HC stainless steel blades are heat treated for optimum hardness and edge retention while maintaining the ability to be sharpened to a razor edge. The steel used is perfect for kitchen specific tasks because of its corrosion resistance, preventing it from oxidizing with rust when it comes to contact with meat, fruits and vegetables. Our steel blades run the length of the knife and through the handle for a full-tang design.
  • SINGLE BEVEL KNIFE EDGE: Traditional Japanese knives in the hands of premier chefs are usually of a single bevel ground edge in order to give the most precise and sharp edge. Our blades are meticulously sharpened to a 15° edge on the right side while the other side remains flat. A conventional Compound edge is sharpened on both sides usually resulting in a 30° edge which is not as sharp. Our design gives you an incredibly sharp edge while you cut and a flat side helps to separate food slices.
  • FULL-TANG TRADITIONAL ROSEWOOD HANDLE: We wanted the handle of our knives to be able to remain in great working condition and maintain the test of time through use and ware. We thought of no other material to use in our handles than Rosewood. Praised for its natural ability to be strong and heavy while being able to maintain a polish. Using Rosewood and our full-tang knife design allows the blade to run throughout the Rosewood handle, giving you a balanced feel when manipulating your knife.
  • DESIGNED FOR CHEFS: Gyuto which translates to literally “beef-sword” is usually known in the professional western cuisine as the chef’s knife, this is the be-all-end-all knife for would be chefs. It’s versatility and length allows for proper use when cutting vegetables or long strokes for clean sashimi slices. Tackling tough meats such as pork belly or needing a sharp edge design for sinewy meats, this knife does it all with grace and professionalism.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You satisfaction is our GUARANTEE. We are so confident that you will love your Traditional Japanese Professional Chef Knife that if you don’t feel the same way we do, you can contact our customer support team within 30 days of purchase and request a return, we will refund you the total amount paid for the knife. If you received a knife with any imperfections, you can also contact our support team and we will issue a return and send you a brand new one in the mail.

The ergonomic handle is made from rosewood, which gives it a stunning look. The blade has been sharpened to an angle of 15 degrees so that all your filleting and slicing jobs for the Sushi are perfect. You can also cut through the hard meat for marinating due to this knife’s ultra-rigidity.


  • Most of the people are in love with the ornate design and affordable pricing of this knife.
  • This knife comes handy for your everyday cutting and chopping tasks.


  • Only a year of the warranty period.

10. Dalstrong Yanagiba Sushi Knife

If you are looking for a knife that can impress you with its ultra-sharpness and extra-long blade, then your search is over.

DALSTRONG Yanagiba Sushi Knife - 10.5" - Ronin Series - Single Bevel Blade - Japanese AUS-10V Damascus Steel - Red Rosewood Handle - w/Sheath
  • The Ultimate Yanagiba knife: A Dalstrong culinary revolution combining outstanding and award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge breakthrough technology, awe-inspiring design, and the absolute best materials available. Peak performance never looked so good to you or your wallet.
  • Unrivalled Performance: Ruthlessly sharp single-bevel scalpel like edge is hand finished to a mirror polish at an acute 15° degree angle using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. Nitrogen cooled for enhanced harness, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Gorgeously laminated and hot-forged, the “Liquid-Kusari” pattern on the blade minimizes drag and stuck on food while maximizing your slicing efficiency, allowing you to glide through prep.
  • Dalstrong Power: An ultra sharp solid piece of AUS-10V Japanese super steel at 62+ Rockwell hardness. Eceptional strength, durability and stain resistance. Perfectly balanced, the precisely tapered blade minimizes surface resistance for buttery smooth cut through and enhanced non-stick properties.
  • The traditional octagon shaped handle is meticulously constructed of a handsome combination of G-10 Garolite, an incredibly strong military grade, non-porous & fibreglass like material and stunning Red Rosewood. The carefully engineered handle is designed for superior hand control and tapers slightly larger towards the tail of the handle, allowing for tactile feedback for better use of your knife. To further enhance the beauty, an intricate copper mosaic pin adorns the center rivet.
  • Dalstrong Trust: Rocksolid 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, try it risk free. LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. Renowned Dalstrong customer service. See why chef's around the world trust and love, 'The Dalstrong Difference'. Dalstrong luxury packaging. Now you are slicing with POWER. Dalstrong POWER!

This blade perfect for the preparation of Sushi, and sashimis are super sharp at a degree of 15 and 62 measures on the Rockwell Scale. It has been designed with 67 layers of high-quality carbon steel and a fiberglass handle that looks amazing.


  • It is a single bevel knife that can provide you an exceptionally smooth cutting and chopping experience.
  • It is highly affordable and suitable for everyday use.


  • The warranty period is a limited offer only.
  • We are sure you have decided by now which model of sushi or sashimi knife you want for your kitchen. Go ahead and buy your best pick.
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