Is this even real?

My life saver and favorite co-teacher, Pak JaeEun, right before I left
for the train station and said good bye to Korea forever 

It feels like the longest past two days of my life, and I am so disoriented for only having changed time zones by 2 hours. I feel like I can’t quite place when I left Korea, what day it was and what day it is now. It all is such a blur, possibly due to too many shots of SoJu on Wednesday night, or to the fact that I was shaking with excitement.
I won’t lie, I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would when I left my school for the last time. I said good bye to my co-workers, and that was that. I set off and didn’t really look back. Whenever I have left a place, like Italy or China, it doesn’t quite feel permanent. In my head I think I am just going on a small trip, taking a holiday with my friends and coming back after a few weeks of traveling. Reality is that I will not be going back, and this isn’t just any small holiday. This is five months or more of waking up every day and doing whatever it is I want to do in whatever city I happen to be in. It is five months or more of taking it day by day, and it officially started about 3 hours ago when I touched down in Bangkok, Thailand.
It was a long, long journey (though I have much longer ones ahead), filled with trains to airport expresses to planes to buses to train and taxis. It took about 24 hours, but I finally arrived in this infamous SE Asia capital. The only thing Laura and I could say was, “This is all really happening”, because it really just doesn’t feel real.
I can’t say much about Bangkok quite yet. It is no Paris or Rome, but in the midst of this nitty gritty city are these sprawling temples with golden rooftops that make you feel like you’re in another world. Well, I mean, I guess I kind of am, right? This definitely isn’t Korea anymore, and so far I am not complaining.

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2 comments on “Is this even real?

  1. “This is five months or more of waking up every day and doing whatever it is I want to do in whatever city I happen to be in.”

    so awesome! new experiences around every corner….

  2. Sounds amazing and can’t wait to hear more!!! Be safe and much love xoxoxo

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