This and That Too (2)

With a lot going on this Summer, I apologize for not keeping our blog up to date.  A few little projects have been going on. imageWe installed our new washer & dryer in the entry way.  It’s great having them conveniently in the house.  No more trips the the Pump House. Though when the weather is cooperative, we hang the laundry out to dry.

We also finished off the entry “closet”.  There is lots of space for shoes, boots, coats and hats.  Now to the other side of our entry “arch”…IMG_0222imageWe framed in a small utility closet to keep all those things you want to have handy but out of sight. (broom, vacuum and such)  To add some architectual interest, the round hole you see in the picture will hold an antique porthole that came from a shipwreck. imageAnd of course there’s more plastering to do.  I’ve gotten pretty good at this.  I especially like all the radiased corners.  Much overdue was finishing up the plaster work in the guest room.imageimageThere! almost done.   Now, moving outside…imageI wanted to create a little outdoor art with some leftover steel arch sections.  This gave me an opportunity to practice my welding skills.  Dozy came in handy with holding the heavy steel in place while the concrete base sets up.

imageI’ll be adding some lights and perhaps somehing hanging.  Also, this was a convenient spot to have an outdoor plug.   Moving to the roof….imageWe needed to protect the waterproofing that comes up out of the ground around our chimney.  So we added a stainless steel collar and a ring of mortared brick at the base.  No lawnmower or weedwacker will have a chance to damage the waterproofing.IMG_0428Son Beckett spent a few weeks visiting this Summer and helped out.  Here he is keeping a heavy bucket of mortar from rolling down the hill while I do some waterproof patching.

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