Our master bathroom concrete vanity is finally in place and plumbed.  But first there was a bit of grinding to do.  We used diamond grinding pads ranging from 30 grit to 1500 grit.  There are quite a few imperfections in the surface and we were not able to achieve a “glass smooth” finish.  But we actually like the chiseled granite look and feel.
It’s great to finally have a working sink. And a rather handsome one at that.

Now on to the next project…. The entry hall closet and laundry.When you enter our home, there will be a coat closet on the right, followed by the laundry area, and then our water heater. (which will be hiden behind a wood paneled door) The partition walls are now plastered and ready for paint.  We still have to build a platform for washer & dryer.

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