Not Vain about a Vanity

It seems that it’s always a 12 step process to accomplish anything when you are building a house.  And that is no less true in making our concrete vanity for our masterbath.  First there was creating a level workspace. Then there was creating the form. (2 actually)We used 2″ foamboard stuck down with two-sided tape. This is for the small counter that will top the back of our dresser that comes through the wall between our walk-in closet and the bathroom.
Our wheelbarrow is too tall to fit “under” the mortar mixer for dumping so I built this custom cart on wheels.  So finally we could mix the white cement with Quartz aggregate, some regular sand, coloring and other secret ingredients to make our colored concrete.

Time to fill the moldsYou want to try and get out any bubbles so I made a “concrete vibrator” using a pnumatic needle scaler and a tin can. (black beans work best)







Now we wait for a few days. But we really wanted to see what this was going to look like after grinding.  So we tried it on a test piece.  We think the color and look of the aggregate is supper cool.

And now for the big reveal.  We will start on the surface treatment in a couple of days.

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