Let’s build a spacecruiser!

After lots and lots of hours chopping wood and digging for diamonds in minecraft
I thought how awesome it would be to be able to build spaceships in a minecraftish sandbox game. Wouldn’t it be awesome to put together your own starcruisers and man it’s different turrets and stations?
Yes, of course it would.
And wouldn’t it be awesome to have a game tailored to that?
The answer, again, is YES.

Meet Blockade Runner:

It’s got multiplayer coop in an open world, errr, space, fully customizable fighters/cruisers/deathstars to be built from scratch, manned by you and fellow nerds.
Awesome? Not if you don’t like spaceships. But you’re not an idiot!
It’s currently in Alpha-state and costs $10 at this point.
Support them and construct interstellar battleships of ridiculous proportions!

And for those who like their spaceships landed on alien planets,
there’s Voxel-based game Planet Explorers currently in development by
independent Devs Pathea coming later this year.
It’s got a (sadly, NOT procedurally generated, but large) alien planet,
sandboxy building, defense turrets and angry aliens.


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