Indie, “Indie”

Remember when an indie band was a band that was independent from managers, producers and major labels and their meddling regardless of their musical style?
Well, today indie bands are a genre of whiny, semi-retro guitarpopbands on major labels that all sound the same.  But it’s not as enraging as it is amusing.
But I wonder if Indie Games are going down that road too… After all, “Indie” is just a word that might get picked up by guys in ties with no particular interests in games.
Would major game derpoids try to cash in on the interest for independent game development (Not by creating trust and passion, of course.) ?
Once again, my pessimism is no match for our supertuned, fast reality.


On most busy workdays my brain is not capable of creating enough spare angryum for a non-work-related Category 5 Rageout.
And I successfully avoided this topic for some time now, but I feel like I have to contribute to the ongoing discussion about this with a short statement:

Fuck you, EA. Fuck everybody responsible for this, their offices, their computers, chairs, desks, everything down to the last stapler.

Yes, I’m into art, not diplomacy.

But since I am a fan of adding some yang to the ying or the other way round
here’s a cool blog you should check out if you love maps as much as I do:

Strange maps 

It’s about, well, strange maps, ancient maps, statistical maps etc…

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