A salute to SPÜMCØ.

SPÜMCØ Inc. is art at it’s best.
Best known for quality good taste family TV show “Ren & Stimpy” the company wasactive between 1988 and 2004 producing simply awesome cartoon art.There’s a blog that features a lot of their priceless work and it’d be a crime not to tell you guys about it.
Just in case you’re no fans yet.

Go HERE for the Spumco experience.

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2 thoughts on “A salute to SPÜMCØ.

  1. Remember when cartoons were actually good? Ah, I miss those days. Now parents are regulating everything. The part that sucks the most about it is that the majority of cartoons are watched by a younger audience, so when their parents are deciding what they watch to so much extent kids don’t have a choice but to watch channels their parents have them watch. With that, even though a good amount of cartoons suck ass, they still get ratings. With ratings comes money. Why would you NOT listen to parents if in the end you get money from the deal? Fucking television.

    I blame the government. Dunno why, just feel like it.

    • Can’t blame anybody that much really. Business means big numbers, quality art still fails to get you big numbers (sales, viewers whatever) because quality art means challenging the consumer. And most companies don’t dare to do that and in most cases they’re even right. Sadly.

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