The Meteor Vault Vol.1

What’s this?
Starting today, I’ll put stuff on my blog that can be used for free by everyone for everything.
The first addition to the vault is a set with 141 .PNG icons partly 16×16, partly 12×12.

If you use them in your work, credit the Or don’t.
Have fun making art, games, whatever.

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10 thoughts on “The Meteor Vault Vol.1

  1. Both the style and actual objects remind me of GTA: Chinatown Wars. Armor for instance, and the assortment of weapons that start reasonable and escalate to unnecessary overkill.

  2. P.S. Perhaps you could make some GIF art? Some people would love some game icons (as in me).

  3. Wow, came here via OpenGameArt – this set is just what I needed for scribbling a tile-based game in my free time. Even the crane and the factory-like building, while not quite an obvious addition to the set, will be perfect. Kudos for giving this away and looking forward to the next installment, sci-fi or not :)

    P.S. Why, if this isn’t the cutiest angry meteor background I’ve ever seen!

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