Zynga screws over Indie devs! Nobody’s surprised.

It’s not the freshest chunk of news, but Zynga, who have made a great effort to successfully turn games into happy clickfests with no challenges whatsoever seem to be very good at that whole business thing. At being nice: not so much.
Apparently the studio well known for such epic gamedesign masterpieces like farmville, fishville and a shitload of other villes have screwed over indie developers Nimblebit.
Read about it here.
But well, all is fair in love, war and the big biz I guess.
Still – needless to say – the meteor is angry.

On the lighter side, here’s a little game we can all enjoy:
Griefer! is about buildings that are carefully constructed by the Computer
and then get blown to shit by you, the player. It’s got voxels and explosives
and that’s pretty much all I need for a few minutes of fun.
It’s one of the results of a Java max 4KB size competition.
More about the competition here.
A lot of fun in 4 KB I’d say.

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