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Jennifer Anderson: Jennifer Anderson has been a staff reporter for the Portland Tribune since its launch in 2001, covering everything from crime and politics to education and sustainable issues. She’s a Honolulu native, mother of two young boys, Ultimate frisbee player and closet science junkie. She’ll help document the activities of this group and bring the Gulf’s stories home to a broad, mainstream audience in an accessible and locally engaging way.

Anna A. Berardi, PhD: Anna Berardi is a psychotherapist, graduate educator, and founding director of the Trauma Response Institute (TRI) at George Fox University – Portland. Her disaster response work over the past 20 years includes events such as the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks in Manhattan, and the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Anna trains various professionals and community members to provide recovery services in the aftermath of disasters.

Anna Brones: Anna Brones is a writer and new media strategist with a love for travel, sustainable design and the outdoors. . She is the co-founder of Under Solen Media, where she develops new media marketing strategies to positively align brands, causes and adventurers. She has lived in Sweden, France, Guadeloupe and the Pacific Northwest and is always on the lookout for the next journey.

Anna Clark: Anna Clark is 26 years old and just graduated from Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland. In going down to the Gulf she hopes to gain a better understand of how the BP spill and the lasting after math of Katrina is effecting communities, local food culture and the restaurant industry. She is specifically interested  in how the spill is effecting restaurant business, seafood distributor and assessing the actually safety and condition of effected fishing and crabbing areas. Her hope is that she can identify ways for restaurants and seafood consumers outside of the Gulf area to support the region.

April Ann Fong: April Ann Fong is a Biology and Environmental Studies Instructor at Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus.  She runs the PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team, which removes invasive species, plants native species, and works on watershed improvement on campus and in Portland Parks.  In her spare time, she volunteers for the Nature Conservancy of Oregon, the Pacific Crest Trail Association, Portland Parks, her neighborhood, and other organizations.

Cylvia Hayes: Cylvia is the founder and CEO of 3EStrategies, LLC, which is on a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable building, energy and economic practices.  She has 22 years of professional experience in sustainable development issues including clean energy, green jobs, green building, and sustainable economics.  Cylvia is a fellow of the American Leadership Forum.

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Mike Houck: Mike Houck, Director of the Urban Greenspaces Institute (, founded the Urban Naturalist Program at Portland Audubon  Society of Portland in 1980.  He was a co-founder of both the Coalition for a Livable Future (  in 1994 and The Intertwine Alliance ( which is dedicated to creating a world class park, trail, and natural area system for the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region.  Mike’s passion is ensuring all residents of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region—-regardless of socio-economic status, race or ethnicity—-have access to parks, trails and nature near their homes, schools, and places of work.  Mike co-edited Wild in the City, a Guide to Portland’s Natural Areas, and produced Wild on the Willamette, Exploring the Lower Willamette River, a recreational and natural resource guide to the lower 35 miles of the Willamette River.

Ariana Longanecker: Ariana Longanecker was born at home in the logging town of Crawfordsville, OR and was introduced to clear cutting at a tender age. She has had the honor of researching North Island Kiwi, mist net Red-capped Manakin in Panama, and trapped everything from Striped Skunk to Swift Fox. She works to conserve our urban wild spaces for the Audubon Society of Portland and leads the Creation Care Team at Imago Dei Community, a church in SE Portland.

Sue Marshall: Sue Marshall is a long time resident of Oregon currently working as a government affairs consultant representing several environmental nonprofit organizations.  The former executive director of Tualatin Riverkeepers, Sue has a background in environmental health, nonprofit management and focuses on water quality, fish and wildlife conservation and social equity concerns.

Sarah Menzies: SarahMenzies began working at the Earth Institute about two years, and instantly fell in love the people, the mission, everything! She is on the outreach team, and is mainly focusing on getting our discussion guides on sustainability topics into the faith and higher education communities, as well as promoting The Menu for the Future course within food and agriculture sectors. Her favorite thing about Portland would be the trees.

Mike Rosen: Mike Rosen, Manager, Bureau of Environmental Services Watershed Division has for 23 years worked as a civil servant in state and city government, primarily in contaminated site cleanup and natural resource protection.  In recent years he has sought to build greater and stronger links between environmental work and high school and college education. He is moved and inspired by the work of local teachers, professors, students and Americorp volunteers that seek to improve environmental protection, health and long-term behavioral change to sustain their efforts.

Ben Rosen: Ben Rosen is a Cleveland High School Senior.  He is on the Warrior’s Wrestling and Cross Country teams.  Ben is working on his Eagle Scout project and is active in student government and Portland Young Life.

Elias H. Rosen: Elias H. Rosen is a Senior at Cleveland High School.  He plays soccer for the Warriors and PCU.  He likes skateboarding, snowboarding and it interested in design.  Elias chose to get on this trip to in the hopes that it would make his father love him.

Bob Sallinger: Bob Sallinger has worked for the Audubon Society of Portland since 1992 and currently serves as the Society’s Conservation Director. Bob’s responsibilities include overseeing Portland Audubon’s conservation initiatives at the local, state and federal levels as well as running its Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Bob has a B.A. in biology from Reed College and a J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School.

Mary Samuel: Mary Samuel is am a college student at PCC, hoping to transfer in a year to PSU where she will major in Social Work. She worked in New Orleans this past March with Hurricane Katrina relief. She wants to save the world.

Massimo Scipioni: Massimo Scipioni grew up in Milano, Italia exploring the city parks on his bike. An organist for his parish in Milano, and ragtime enthusiast, he has been in several bands and now expresses his musicality with Argentine Tango. He’s hacked his Xbox, co-owns a moveable dance floor, and has patented several semiconductor designs for ST Microelectronics.

Serena Talcott Baughman: Born and raised in Montana, Serena Talcott Baughman attended Lewis and Clark College’s undergraduate and masters program and has been teaching in Portland Public Schools for a decade, most of that time spent at Cleveland High School.  Serena created a Northwest Ecology class at Cleveland that looks at climate, natural history, past and present resource use, land management and watershed  health of ecosystems in the Northwest.

Kaiti Tasker is an Environmental Biology major at Tulane University in New Orleans. While her primary research focuses on amphibian declines due Bd, an amphibian pathogen, the oil spill has sparked Kaiti to complete OSHA’s HAZWOPER training and get involved on several other conservation projects conducting research in contaminated areas.

Brett Vanden Heuvel is Executive Director and attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper, where he works with river communities in Washington and Oregon to protect and restore the Columbia River. Brett sees strong connections between water-dependant communities in the Gulf and the Columbia, including important commercial and recreational fishing industries and wetlands vital to fish and wildlife. Riverkeeper is a proud member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, whose Gulf Coast members are on the front lines of the BP Oil Disaster.

John Waller: John Waller owns Uncage the Soul Productions specializing in documentary, adventure, and promotional video production.  He recharges his (and his camera’s) batteries in Portland, Oregon.  For a portfolio of work, visit

Stiv J. Wilson: Stiv J. Wilson is a freelance environmental journalist/photojournalist and the Communications Director for The 5 Gyres Institute.  He is also an ambassador for The Surfrider Foundation and an advisor to The United Nations Safe Planet campaign on hazardous chemicals in the environment.  He spends about half his time at sea, sailing the planet studying plastic pollution in our worlds oceans and its affects on marine life.

Shannon Wheeler: Shannon Wheeler is best known for his comic creation ‘Too Much Coffee Man.’ Even though he lives in Portland Ore, his cartoons can occasionally  be found in The New Yorker