“I love those darn Raptors more than life itself.” says Matthew Stasyna, better known as NBA Humorist TURBOZONE.

“Like life, the Raptors can be disappointing at times, but I can always count on them doing something hilarious.”

“In the span of one minute, I might be heroically inspired by their brilliant play and the next: I’ve lost faith in humanity and feel like I’ve eaten a shoe.”

“Love’ is the only way to describe that feeling.”

“Raptor fans have lived frustrated from years of disappointment. I hope my work makes them laugh and helps remind them that Basketball is just an awesome game not to be taken too seriously. Just like life.”


Matthew Stasyna was born in Toronto, Canada and has been drawing since childhood.

After drawing through school, his calling was clear. He combined his two favourite things (Art and Basketball) and started posting as TURBOZONE.

Whether he likes it or not, NBA daydreams are a normal part of his everyday life. Evidenced by the hundreds of original-concept art pieces he produces each year.

“I’ve had naturally-occuring basketball-themed daydreams every day of my life for years. They’re quite vivid and are the best part of my day.”

“I must have hit my head on something because I seem to be picking up some Basketball Planet’s broadcast frequency.”

“What I mean is I could be eating dinner or walking down the street and I’ll just start having powerful visions of nasty jams, windmill slams and power crams. I’ll envision the elderly man in front of me jamming on Shaq, skyscrapers posting each other up and trees talking trash to one another. Happens all the time and always makes me smile.”

“It’s like my own personal Youtube Mix I can start and stop whenever I want.”

“Couple that with the fact I am saturated with NBA highlights and intense music all day and you have the recipe for some fun pieces. It’s evident it’s my calling and I’m going to follow it as best I can. The comments I receive from Basketball Fans is my fuel and I’m just honoured they enjoy my work.”

“It’s all for them.”

Over the next few decades, he plans on releasing Thousands of NBA Sigs, Trading Cards, Wallpapers and the occasional Video Mix.

“That wouldn’t even be 1% of what I’ve seen in my head.”

“The saddest part about my life is that no matter how long I live, I will never be able to make them all. For every piece I make there are at least ten that die on the drawing board.”

“Regular life forces me to watch them fade away.”

“Just brutal.”


Matt is a CG Artist, currently working as a 3D Professor + Personal Trainer in Toronto.

He posts his Basketball thoughts on RealGM Raptors Forum.

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“Be nice to each other and life will be a Slam Dunk!”