Carlo Ancelotti


Ancelotti motivates the Italian team

Carlo Ancelotti has written an emotional letter on the Gazzeta dello Sport motivating the Italian team and fans towards the World Cup that started yesterday. Italy won’t play until tomorrow Saturday against England:

Guys, we can make it. I say it loud and proud. Prandelli’s Italy might give us a dream, a wonderful adventure that us, the Italians, should follow with enthusiasm. To participate in a World Cup means something exciting, full of tension, and for that we need everybody’s help to achieve someting great. Nevertheless, when people talk about our possibilities, they become sceptic, they don’t believe. Well, I guarantee that if the squad and staff maintain united and in harmony, if they turn the atmosphere into something positive, we can get results.

The Champions with Real Madrid was won like that. This is why now it is important for me to motivate Italy and be near the guys. We aren’t favourites, this is true. I think of Brazil, Germany, Spain… but, where we favourites in Spain 82 or in Germany 2006? No, and we brought back the cup. Football is a mistery, the simple trajectory of a shot might put the wind at your favour or not, making you win or lose the match. Playing against Italy will always be difficult, we are a great tactical team, we have experience and players that can mark the difference. The group is complicated but our rivals should feel some fear as well for having us on their group.

The last motive I give you to believe is Cesare Prandelli. He is a great coach, very well prepared and a great man. I am with him and with Italy. After winning the Champions as a coach, if I see Italy win the World Cup as a fan it will have been a great and fantastic season.

Prandelli BACK