The Signature Proof Friday!

July 12, 2012

The flyers have been up for a week and now the website is live, so I’m finally ready to explain just what exactly we mean by The Signature Proof Friday. In short—the Signature Proof Friday is an amalgamation of all the Friday events we’ve ever done. We’ll be bringing you great events, some killer DJ’s, and some rage fests that will leave you wondering, “what happened?”

We here at Proof take pride in the fact that even though we run a classy, upscale nightclub, we still know how throw a great party. Sure, we encourage people to dress nice and drink high-end champagne… But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you do it. So, we bring to you the Signature Proof Friday… Upscale, decadent, a little naughty, but above all—a blast.

Proof is proud to present… Your Friday Night.

Signature Proof Event: Girls Night Out, every first Friday of the month!

Each first Friday of every month we will be doing a give away targeted towards the girls (but don’t worry boys, if you want to enter to win for your girlfriend, we won’t mind!) The giveaways will feature items every girl must have! The first giveaway will be a $500 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. What girl couldn’t use more lingerie? Winning is easy-when you enter Proof look on the bars and tables for instructions on how to enter. It’s as easy as sending a tweet from your phone, or checking in you and your friends on facebook. From those submissions we will choose the winner! On March 2nd, the lucky winner will be announced at 2:30 am by our host for the night, Julian from the B96 Morning Show. The soundtrack for the evening will be supplied by one of Chicago’s great DJ’s, our Friday resident Kalendr. So ladies, tell your friends you plan on spending every first Friday for Girls Night out at Proof Chicago, and make sure you check with Gizo ([email protected]) to get some great deals on bottles!

Meet our DJ’s—both your Signature resident sounds and the amazing guests that are getting on board.


Originally from Detroit, this Chicago powerhouse has residencies in all the top clubs in the city and regular guest spots in all the hot spots nationally. What don’t you know about Kalendr is that he’s produced and released over ten records in the past year and shared with bill with big names like Deadmau5, Kaskade, Funkagenda, Benni Benassi and many other huge names. Enjoy your Friday nights with him while you can, this DJ definitely is going places!


Criz R.

Criz R is our opener downstairs on Friday but the phrase “save the best for last” does not apply to this guy. Not only is Criz R an act worth showing up early for, but he can probably out drink you too. Criz R has a lot in the works along with his residencies at various Chicago clubs and lounges. Not one to miss!



Torio rocks our upstairs late night, and says he got into DJing because as a kid he wanted to be a rock star when he grew up. As an adult, Torio strives to bring a great energy to the crowd—as he says, “It’s about playing for the crowd, not for myself.” Torio believes the one thing people should keep in mind is that, “I will always try to please as many people as I can but its impossible for any DJ to make every single person in the club happy. We can't play everyone's song but I do my best to make sure the majority of people are moving on the dance floor. Torio boasts residencies at some of Chicago’s largest dance clubs and produces and records music as well.

Upcoming guest DJ's in the next month...


We are pleased to announce that Dani Deahl will be joining us for a guest spot on a Friday night soon to DJ alongside Kalendr. Don’t know who Dani is? That would be surprising as Dani is a well-known DJ, Producer, journalist, and blogger. Dani’s high profile has made her a commodity in recent years and she’s not only headlined cities for capacity crowds throughout the Americas and Asia, but played Lollapalooza three times, one of the only DJs in the festival’s history to do so. Add that to her signature pink and black locks, a reputation for impeccable, technical sets and a penchant for hard-hitting, dirty electro, and it’s no wonder Dani’s fan base is loyal and wide-reaching.

With a host of new productions forthcoming along with slated touring, live performance additions and continued nurturing for her journalism and blog, the future looks incredibly bright for this rising electro star.


Orville will be joining us for a guest spot in the future as well. You know him best as the sound behind one of the biggest parties in Chicago—Porn and Chicken. This bad boy of Chicago has played at venues all over the country and has a reputation for throwing some of the sickest parties around. Stay tuned for dates to see him at Proof, he is not an act you want to miss!



Owned and operated by Paul D Alqas and George Rizzio—promose7en is well known for throwing some of the best parties you’ve seen at Proof and at other venues across the city. What you don’t know about Promose7en is that they’ve been with the company that owns Proof ever since our first venue opened, a little place you may remember as Sauce. The first party they threw, they hit it out the ball park and the next day were hired on to do Fridays. To this day, they are still with the company working at our newest venue, Proof. Eight years later, and still going strong! I asked Paul what his secret to success was and he said “We’re just fun people to be around.” That’s the truth! Known for keeping the jamo shots flowing, Promose7en is not your typical promoters. They create and fuel events, and they don’t stand around outside begging people to come inside. They are the party. As Paul says, “we could have a party at a Chuck E Cheese and I think people would have fun. It’s not about where you are or what posh club you are at… It’s about surrounding yourself with fun and outgoing people. We are so laid back and yet we have the craziest parties.” Something he thinks everyone should know? “Live your life, be free.”

Promose7en has also brought on board Modern Gentleman and we are happy to have them join the party!


312 Productions has got you covered for late night Fridays upstairs at Proof. Spear headed by DJ Torio, these guys are known for bringing in hot up & coming DJ’s. Out at a club that’s shutting down around 2am? Ask these guys to bring you to the Proof Penthouse where the drinks are chilled and the beats are hot.

And meet your Signature Proof Friday Staff...

At the back bar we have Homer and the mysterious Ashley,

at the front bar we have our amazing flair bartender Yosif (ask him to show you a trick!) and the beautiful Ms. Jessica pouring shots next to him.


In the Penthouse we have your favorite promose7en rock star bartender and Ashton Kutcher look-alike Blake… and we are proud to introduce the foxy Miss Natasha, manager of Estate, bartending alongside him!

Serving your bottles are a bunch of beguiling beauties known for their love of Champagne and sparklers, and led by the amazing Shannon. Shannon’s resume for managing VIP clientele is impressive, and having her head the team guarantees your bottle service experience will be memorable.




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