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What To Do in Dubai: The Ultimate Bucketlist

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So you want to go to Dubai? Well, you’re not alone, because the rest of the world is right there with you. Dubai is like Las Vegas meets New York in the Middle East — not only is it a full-time party, but it’s also sort of the saving grace for the Middle East with how fast-forward, modern, tolerant, and accepting it is, setting a benchmark for other cities and countries in the region (though, its progress definitely comes with some harsh realities).

Most travelers pass through Dubai on a layover, some come for a few days. If you’re looking to spend a weekend there, then be sure to arrive on Thursday, which is the official start of the weekend, as Friday and Saturday are the same as our Saturday and Sunday.

Have one day in Dubai? Then check out these top sights.

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15 Things I Didn’t Know About Dubai Before Traveling There

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Everyone kept telling me how jealous they were of me. “You’re going to Dubai? That’s amazing! I want to go there so bad.

It almost made me feel guilty, because Dubai is a place that had never really been on my radar. I had always imagined it to be terribly artificial, with man-made islands or the world’s tallest and world’s first and world’s best of everything. It seemed like a city that was its own biggest competitor.

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