One step closer to wet feet

One thing we have learned building our own house is that every project has many steps before the steps before the steps it takes to finish a project.  Last week we got one step closer to finishing the Master Bathroom walk-in-walk-out shower.  That was to get the rough-in plumbing set into the floor.

As convenieIMG_0671nt as it might seem, we just can’t have a hole in the floor. so we connected the drain pipe (J-Trap) that was set in the ground before the concrete floor was poured.  Then time to mix a little more concrete to fill up the hole.  One of our next “steps” will be to build up a sloped mortar bed for the tile to go on.

IMG_0682In the front hall we put together a cabinet that will “hide” the ugly back of our fridge and provide storage for extra glassware, tupperware and such.  It’s a nice addition to our entryway.IMG_0658 (1)IMG_0669 (1)