Catch Up

Well we made it through a wedding, holiday festivities and the new year. So here is a recap of some of the things we have done in the past two months. We put in pine T&G boards in the Master Bathroom (matching what’s in the M. Bedroom)  Which is a wonderful background for my fathers watercolor painting. And further reflected in our beautiful round mirror…Jeff and I recieved some (not your normal) wedding presents. Three of which you can see in this picture.A door for our pantry (I am staining to match our other doors), a new fridge and a dresser.Here Jeff is putting a clear coat on the dresser.

And now the new pantry door is installed.Our latest project is the Master Bath vanity.  We have put together the base. (got to love IKEA!)I am excited about attempting to make a concrete countertop. This will be and interesting project. And an opportunity to learn something new.