First Flush

With much of the plastering done in the master bathroom (and paint) we were able to set up some “temporary” fixtures.We now have a serviceable second bathroom  for us to use so when guests come to visit, they will have their own bathroom.  And since my son Beckett, visiting from Alaska is our first official guest, he got the honors of the first flush.And while he was here, Beckett lent a hand with one of our other projects.  Getting the exterior walls ready for Stucco. Moving bricks and applying sticky stuff to make new mortar stick to old concrete.  (More about this in the next post.)

Lets Get Plastered

Before we start on the tile work in the master bathroom, we wanted to get the messy stuff out of the way. And with that done…..We could install the door.  Now for some temporary fixtures….And we have a working bathroom! Well sort of.  The toilet ended up being defective so we will have to replace it next week.  The floor and the wall behind the fixtures will eventually be covered in beautiful porcelain tile.

Now for a little break from indoor work to enjoy some of our great outdoors.A delightful paddle up the slough that goes through our property.