Attacking the Attic

The majority of the the space in our house extends up the the “shell” of our structure giving us glorious twelve foot ceilings.  The exceptions are in the two bathrooms and closets.  We wanted to have an “normal” ceiling height in these spaces.But more importantly, we wanted to create storage space.And in the case of the space above the master bath, this is where we will put the ventilation system for the house.   So that makes this our usable attic space where in reality, the true attic space of this structure is filled with hundreds of tons of earth.

More Plaster Fun

Here I am finishing up the plaster work on the remaining exposed plasterboard in the living room.  I have to say I think I’m getting pretty good at this but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it for a living.  (it’s really hard on arms and hands).  Fortunately there will only be a few more wall surfaces in the master bedroom and bath to complete.Pretty much all that is left to do on this wall is to paint and cover the front edge of the soffit with the same corrugated aluminum panels  that we used on the kitchen soffit. Oh and add some cool LED lighting.

Electric Avenue


We continue working on the master bedroom.  First we needed to bring power from the the main breaker box. This required pulling wire through conduit that runs under the floor coming out into the closet.  From there, up through the walls to lighting and plug circuits.









One of the energy efficient/comfort features in our house will be an AirShare Room to Room transfer fan.  It will take the warmest air at the top of the living room (near the wood stove), and blow it down through the wall cavity and come out a register at floor level into the master bedroom.   It will be barely noticeable because it is  set back into the “niche”.We are hoping to find a large statue of Ganesha to display in the niche.

The Hindu deity represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavors.

Just what we need to finish the house. :-) So if anyone has any unused Amazon gift points they’ed like to pass along, they would be greatly appreciated.