Oregon Stonehenge?

Well, these may not be around 900 years from now but the concrete that will be formed by them very well could be.This is the shape that our raised hearth will be.  It will end up being about 12″ thick.  That’s going to be about a yard of concrete.  The wall behind it will have a stone face.This is the framing for what will be a TV cabinet.  What I am hoping it to create a mechanism that will lift the TV out of the cabinet so it can “hide” when we are not using it.  Of course we could purchase one but that would go against my creative spirit. (not to mention the amount of money in my wallet).  But for now, when we get a TV, it will sit on top.

Anyway, the cement truck should be arriving on my birthday next week.  We decided to save our backs from mixing concrete.

Slow Progress

After coming down with a case of the Shingle, work has slowed a bit.  I found I could only work for a short bit then have to rest.We did however manage to finish putting up the special wall board (Schluter Board) behind the wood stove that will eventually have a rock facing.And we finished plastering and painting the pantry.  Here I am putting up the vent pipe that is part of our whole house ventilations system.  It was ugly plastic so I painted it silver.The old pantry shelf that we kept from our house in Toledo.Jeff having fun organizing.

Now we are going to work on a raised wood stove hearth.

Partially Plastered Pantry

First comes the plasterboard.  (a specially formulated type of sheetrock)Then comes the Plaster…. Well actually it’s joint compound mixed with some quartz sand and a little lime thrown in for good measure.  Kind of a poor man’s plaster.  But the results from these non-professional hands still looks pretty good.