A Tile of Two Tailors..No.. A Tale of Two Tilers

This weekend was the start of our big  bathroom tile project.

We decided on using 18″ travertine floor tiles so we would have fewer grout lines. We also picked up some slate mosaic tiles for accent. I was a bit nervous abut laying such heavy tiles on a horizontal surface so we enlisted the help of Tile installer Ivan & and his apprentice, Bryant.

Fitting the tiles in and around the niche was a bit of a challenge and there were a lot of cuts due to the diamond pattern. I’m glad I didn’t have to figure it out.

Sunday turned out to be a bit of a rainy day so we set up a covered area on the East side so Bryant wouldn’t have to be out in the elements when cutting the tiles.


Jeff and I worked in the kitchen area installing edge banding on the countertops.  We also put up a small divider wall between the edge of the counter and refrigerator. (picture to the left)  This also gave us a spot to put in another electrical outlet.  You cant have too many of those.


We also discovered a great place for guests to stay since we are “living” in the guest room until we build the master bed room.  Anyone want to come for a visit? :-)

Just Kidding :-)  We do have a comfy couch though.

Muddy Proposition

With all the plasterboard up in the bathroom, it was time to plaster.  Well actually not real plaster, more like faux plaster.  We are using a mix of drywall compound with sand added to give the look of plaster.  Since I’m not a plaster “pro”, this mix was a whole lot easier to work with.  We are very happy with the results and when it all dries, Jeff will paint the walls and ceiling.  We also taped and sealed the edges and seams of the “Schluter Board” around the tub surround.  Tile is going in next weekend. :-)

We have been saving this beautiful “salvaged” french door for years to use in our house.  It’s new home will be as a pocket door to the guest bathroom.  After a good sanding and refinishing, it looks great.  And yes, before you make a comment about the glass, we will be obscuring it to block the view, but not the natural light coming into the bathroom.

With the “plastering” done in the bathroom, it was time to tackle another fun project.  Using these really cool aluminum shakes (made from recycled cans), we are creating an even cooler soffit in the kitchen. In the picture above, just to the right of my hand, you can see part of the LED light strip that is hidden behind the overhanging edge of the shakes.  The lighting effect is phenomenal!… and super energy efficient!