Furring Strip Club

When we eventually tile the bathtub surround, we will want the wall to be as flat as possible.  So before putting up the tile backer board, we had to make a few adjustments to the studs by adding some furring strips. 

We are using a product called Schluter Kerdi-board for the tile backing.  It is waterproof, lightweight and easy to install, plus it has a grid printed on the surface to make tiling easier.

We are adding a small niche into the end wall.  We have already been using the tub.  The thermal hydro massage feature is delightful.

Closet Case

This weekend we worked on closing in the closet. After Jeff put  Roxal Safe & Sound sound proofing in the cavity (you can see it on the left side of the picture), we put up the wall board. It will be great when we can move our clothes in from the trailer.  Since we had nice weather, Jeff did some thinning to the apple trees. (I held the ladder)  It looks like we will get a bountiful crop this year. Without the thinning however, we would end up with much smaller apples.

We also entertained guests this weekend.  Both two legged and four legged.

Cooking With Ga….. Electricity

We got some more work done in the kitchen area. Hanging the upper cabinet and range vent.  This is a recirculating unit because we have no way to vent to the outside.


But the big news is that we got our “temporary” cooktop installed.  This morning Jeff was able to make his coffee in the house.  We are now one step closer to getting rid of the trailer.

5/12/2013  Update.  We have moved all the kitchen stuff from the trailer to the house.  We are now fully using the kitchen in the house.  It will still be a “work in progress” but nothing beats Home Cooking!