Maps, Art & Plugs

This weekend we put up two of the three cool world maps.  They look awesome on the wall.  We also added our heavy rusty steel thingy, Object’dArt.  The Maps will some day move to the bedroom where there will be a wall large enough for all three. (Asia and Australia will need to stay in the box a bit longer)We finished installing the ceiling light fixture and outlets in the guest bedroom.  No more extension cords!  We also primed the plaster surface in the West end of the house.


Let There Be Light

Last week we  passed our “rough-in” electrical inspection.  This means we can connect outlets and light fixtures. (we had already pulled the wire through conduit and run it through the walls)  The first project this weekend was the light for the dining room area.  I salvaged some cool globe fixtures from the Nye Beach Hotel before it was demolished.  The base was a dark brown but I painted it with same rusty red color to match the steel I-beams.  We have four more of these fixtures so you will see them elsewhere in the house eventually.  For this one, we put in a dimmable LED bulb.  Not only is is super energy efficient but it should last a very long time.Another project we worked on was laying out the kitchen. One of the coolest features will be a round table centered under the skylight. It is at the end of the sink counter.  Our plan is to have the table be on a hydraulic lift so it can go from standard sit down table height, to kitchen counter height and up to “party” bar height.  Figuring out mechanics of the lift is going to be a fun project.

Here, Jeff is pointing out where the induction cooktop will go. There will be a wall oven in the corner behind him and the fridge will go where you see the small black step stool.