A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Paint Store

Jeff has three beautiful, framed, french made world maps from when he worked in a map store in DC. (Selling maps to CIA agents).  They have been in storage for a long time waiting for a wall to hang on.  We now have that wall but what color to paint it?  We figured we would try to match one of the colors in the maps so we took one down to the paint store.  After laying it out on the counter and comparing paint chips, we picked a sort of deep pumpkin color (from the mountain ranges).  But just as the Miller Paint guy was about to start mixing the paint, an artist walked in and said “STOP, you can’t paint the wall that color”  She then spent the next half hour explaining why we should choose a complementary color but not one in the map.  So we ended up with “Sedge”It’s kind of a Taupe color.  I’m not sure the pictures do it justice but it looks great!We also painted the area above the soffit in the kitchen.  It is a nice compliment to the “Twinkle Twinkle” cream walls  and rusty red metal paint.

I can’t wait to see the maps on the wall.

We also spent time this weekend preparing for a rough in electrical inspection.  We will then be able to finish the electrical connections to the guest bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Here I am installing the electrical box and wires for our future range hood.



Twinkle Twinkle

We had some stunning weather for painting this weekend.  First came the primer, then “Twinkle Twinkle”.  We are using Miller Paint’s best environmentally friendly 0-VOC paint but it was still nice being able to have all the doors and windows open.I worked on painting the exposed steel arches which was “stinky” enough to warrant wearing a respirator.  The transformation continues.  But the best news is that since the bedroom is all painted now, we have moved back in.  No more cramped trailer.

Prime Time

Jeff spent Thursday painting a shellac based primer over all the little rust spots that showed up through the plaster from the wire bits sticking through the concrete.  You may recall from a previous post that Jeff spent many hours treating those bits with a rust converter so we wouldn’t have this problem.  Well it didn’t work :-(Today, I spent some time cleaning plaster, old concrete and rust from the exposed steel I-beams.  Once we finish painting the walls, we will paint the steel with a red metal paint.  This will be a nice contrast to the “Twinkle Twinkle” color that we will be on the walls.Jeff finished the day putting on the base primer in the guest bedroom and dining room area.  Tomorrow it’s “Twinkle Twinkle”, some red paint then we can move back into the bedroom…. and out of the trailer! :-)

In the mean time…

While we are waiting for the plaster to dry we figured we would do a little electrical work.

Pulling wire for the guest bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area.

Even though we have had to temporarily move back into the trailer…

There is no reason not to enjoy the space in our house.  Jeff set up the bar (an old welding cart) and uncovered the couch and comfy chair.  We had some really nice weather this last weekend so it was great to hang out in the house.  Plus it has helped the plaster to dry faster.  We should be ready to prime and paint this coming weekend.

Et Voila

With the plastering done, now we wait for it to dry enough to paint.  You can see in the above pictures where the walls have slightly darker areas.  Those are still wet.. When everything is consistently light colored it will be ready.  We have two dehumidifiers along with fans and heaters running.  It may still take another week for it to be ready though.

Pre Plaster Preparation Party

Preparing for the plaster crew involved clearing out as much stuff as possible from inside our house.  One large item is our air compressor which we move with the help of Dozy to a protected spot behind the pump house.  It will eventually end up in my shop.  Next was to lay down protective floor covering.

On Sunday, friends Nolle, Claire and Eric stopped by to help paint a bonding agent that will help the plaster stick to the walls.  There is a lot of surface to cover and it was great having the help.Pretty much everything else in the house is on wheels so we could shift them out of the way.

What a difference a wall makes!

We decided that since the plaster crew was coming next week to plaster the interior shell, that we might get some walls done too.  So we purchased special plaster board and installed it this weekend.   It is amazing how different the space looks in the house.   We just love the different wall angles and the radiused corner in the kitchen area.  Also,  how setting back the doorway to the guest bedroom breaks up what would otherwise be a long and tall wall.

Before putting up the plasterboard in the bathroom area, Jeff installed special rock wool sound insulation.  We have left the back side (from inside bedroom and bathroom) open so that we have access to run electrical and plumbing lines.