Giving Thanks

Even though there was driving rain and wind gusts up to 70 mph. we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family up in our “shell”  It was cozy with the wood stove burning and over 20 people with an amazing array of delicious food.  Our house may not be finished but it is already proving to be to be the perfect party house.  Jeff and I so look forward to when we can properly entertain.


pastedGraphic_1.pdfI’m rather proud of how well our 24lb.  turkey turned out.  After soaking for 10 hours in an apple/molasses brine for 10 hours, I cooked it on the Weber grill.  Fortunately the East side of our house is fairly protected from the wind so I didn’t have to worry about the turkey flying away. It was so moist and delicious. There wasn’t much left at the end of the day.




pastedGraphic_3.pdfIn preparation for receiving guests and in an effort to close off the structure as much as possible, we built this temporary door.  There were a few little scraps of twin wall polycarbonate left over so we could let light through the door.

We hung an oil lantern in the window next to the door which added to the festive nature of the day.


We Have So Much To Give Thanks For!          Blessings To Everyone.

Stainless Steel Top Hat

Today we had a momentary burst of sunshine and blue sky in between rainstorms.  Don Riddell of Riddell Sheet Metal in Newport, took this opportunity to come out and install the custom storm collar and chimney cap for our wood stove.  The chimney top is a special design that Don has developed which will keep the rain out no mater what direction the wind is blowing while maintaining proper draft.  pastedGraphic.pdf

Thank You Don for the wonderful house warming present. I can’t wait to fire up our wood stove. (see previous post)

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