Can’t have a square door in a round house

Sorry it’s been a while since you have heard from us. (but do check out the new picture I added to the previous blog entry).


A lot of little things have been taken care of.  First, when we found that the elastomeric coating we applied to the shell still had some leaky spots, we painted on some more.  We had to wait for some more dry weather but finally last week Jeff was able to slop on another 5 gallons. Hopefully that will take care of the worse spots.  Another project was patching some rough spots on the inside shell surface.




We are looking into having a custom round top door made for our entry way.  I cut out a template so we could adjust the framing to fit it. (see picture above).  We are still waiting on a couple of bids.




This morning we set up our “construction” wood stove.  Once we get the North wall closed in, it will be nice to cozy-up the house with a wood fire.  It will also be so great this winter when we are working on the interior. Local sheetmetal “artist”, Don Riddell is making a custom storm collar and cap for where the pipe comes out through the roof. That will get installed next week and then we will be able to start having fires.


BTW If anyone wants to surprise us with the beautiful round Scan design wood stove with integrated bake oven that’s sitting in the Coast Hearth & Home showroom, it would be warmly received. (pun intended)