A lot of tedium but light at the end of the tunnel

It has been over a month since our last entry.  The winter weather was not very conducive to working plus I was in Michigan for two weeks.  Jeff, however, was a very busy beaver in my absence.  He worked very hard at removing the white foam board that is unfortunately quite stuck to the concrete.  As you may recall from an earlier post, this foam, which was used as the form for the concrete shell, was treated with a release agent.  It was unfortunate that we had three major rain storms between the time the release agent was applied and the shell was done.  It washed off in the rains thus creating the challenge of removing it.




Sometimes we are lucky and a fairly big piece will come off but mostly it’s little chunks coming off at a time.  This is hard work (note the tool Jeff is using), but it must get done.  Jeff had the whole East end of the shell done by the time I got back from Michigan.  This weekend, we both worked on the North entrance arch and now have it cleared of the foam.pastedGraphic_1.pdf




On the bright side(forgive the pun), we put up a string of lights so that now we can work on into the night.  There are 5 compact fluorescent spread out along a 50’ cord.  The fixtures are attached to magnets so we can move them around.  It is amazing how much the space lights up.