If The Shoe Fits

Over the Holidays, we worked on getting our big arched window ready to install.  We don’t want to make any mistakes cutting the insulated polycarbonate to fit the arched opening so first we made a template. Jeff and I marked one foot increments on the header and took vertical measurements at those points.  We then transferred the measurements onto a couple of sheets of paneling that we screwed together. After “connecting the dots”, we cut out the template.  Now we were ready for the test fit.




pastedGraphic_1.pdfThe template was a bit bulky to handle so we enlisted the help of our friend Aaron to put it in place. It took a few tries and just a bit of trimming, but we got it to fit. We then used the template to mark the 17 foot long piece of polycarbonate.  It was very easy to cut using a special jigsaw blade.  The window has hollow channels running through it. To prevent any condensation from building up inside it we covered the edges with a breathable tape.  Now we are waiting for some custom flashing to be made before installing the window.




On an unrelated note, I’m rather proud of this truck rack I made for our Baja.  Now we can pick up 4 x 8 material and longer boards without using our trailer. This is turning into one tough little workhorse..pastedGraphic_2.pdf