We Con Du It, Part II

We were back at it this weekend, putting in the electrical conduit.  To make things a little easier for when we go to pull the wires through,  we “sucked” string through the conduit with our shopvac.




There are three big Spruce trees on the hill behind our building site that will need to be cut down before we can use the dirt from that hill to cover the house.  In preparation for that, our friend Jody, who’s a “tree guy” came by and did some preparation for cutting them down.  First there was limbing the lower branches, which involve climbing and a lot of rope.pastedGraphic_1.pdfpastedGraphic_2.pdf


The smaller of the three trees was leaning towards our electric meter so Jody tied off the top of that tree to one of the bigger trees behind it (with some seriously heavy duty rope).  When he cut the tree down, it was forced to roll back in the other direction and fell down the hill away from the house.  The two remaining trees will have to wait for another occasion to be felled.  Thanks Jody for your hard work.