Ropes, Cables & Chains

Since it stays light well into the evenings,  we are making up for lost building time by putting in a few hours of effort after work.  With the two halves of the arch bolted together, we moved Dozy to the center in position to lift the whole arch.  There are lots of safety and support lines in place so that everything will be secure.


Jeff operating the winch by remote control.



With the arch raised up level.  Steve connects more lines so that when the arch is tilted to its final angle it will stay in place ready for welding.

Starting to get dark  Better quit for the day.

Happy To Be Back At It

After several weeks of not having a chance to work on our property, we are back at it!  Jeff and I (and Dozy) raised the other half of the East retaining wall arch. Dozy’s size and maneuverability made it easy to position the crane into place to lift the steel.  It was a bit of an effort to get the connection between the two lined up but we managed.



With the arch halves bolted together, the next step will be to raise the whole arch into position and weld the “legs” on.


I don’t think I have told you how much this is blowing my mind.  Very, very awesome, especially that you are doing it yourselves.  My admiration seems boundless.  I’ll have to come and see it all in person, one of these days.
Monday, June 29, 2009 – 11:23 PM
Ooops, I forgot to sign my previous comment. Here it is:  With love, Sara!
Monday, June 29, 2009 – 11:24 PM

Ready, Set, …..

The weather was pretty lousy this weekend but we do have the supports for the arches all set and  braced.  I also spent some time fabricating more stainless steel rebar zip ties.  Just a few more thousand to go.pastedGraphic.pdf


There was a bit of a break by Sunday afternoon so Jeff, friend Miguel, and I got Dozy’s crane in position to raise one of the arch sections.

Even though there were just the three of us (and Dozy) we decided to go ahead and raise the arch.


After this arch section gets secured in position, we will raise the other half then bolt them together.  At that point the whole arch will be lifted into position, ready to weld the “legs” on.