Winter Wonderland

This is the view we woke up to Sunday morning

We are now in our third day of below freezing weather.   The pipes of our temporary water system froze up Sunday night and by this morning our whole water tank was frozen.  Monday morning the roads were all icy, schools and many businesses were closed. It’s a good thing we didn’t pour the concrete last week as it could have cracked in the freezing weather.    pastedGraphic.pdf

pastedGraphic_1.pdfpastedGraphic_2.pdfOur Christmas Tree

White Bird In Flight

The white foam and foil vapor barrier now in place looks a bit like a bird in flight. Or as we like to think, a big dragonfly.

The guys from RK Concrete are back to finish installing the last of the rebar, vapor barrier and wire mesh.pastedGraphic.pdfGrant having fun with an angle grinder.



We are using a special insulating vapor barrier.  It has a layer of foil sandwiched between two layers of foam.   The 4 foot rolls are taped together at the seams which is what Joe and Grant are doing in the above picture.


pastedGraphic_2.pdfJohn and Grant are laying out the wire mesh that will reinforce the concrete slab.  Now we wait for our inspection and good pouring weather.  We were scheduled to pour on Thursday but a cold front is moving in this week and we will be getting below freezing temperatures.  Not great for concrete!